TODO® takes its long history and reputation of being the global safety coupling leader and combines it with Next Generation design thinking. The NGX series offers flow optimisation with the latest innovations in handling and performance to bring you an industry leading range of SafetyBreak-Aways.

The TODO® Next Generation Break-Away has been designed to eliminate spillage and damage associated with drive away/pull away incidents when loading/unloading hazardous liquids.

In the event of a drive/pull away incident, the break pins are subjected to breaking force and eventually shear, causing the two halves of the Break-Away to separate. At this point, the two halves rapidly close off, preventing liquid/gas from escaping from the now broken line.

This safety mechanism prevents damage to the loading system, while ensuring minimal product loss.

2”, 3”, 4” AND 6” TODO® BREAK-AWAY

(DN50), (DN80), (DN100) & (DN150)

•Extremely quick closing time

•Minimum loss of product

•Suitable for a wide range of applications


•Faster loading/unloading due to the optimised flow rates offered

•Simple to retrofit onto Loading Arms

•Easier to handle when loading/unloading

•Reduced maintenance due to internal redesign and new seal placement

TODO NGX Breakaways

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