Floating Roof Drainage

Emco Wheaton Floating Suctions for fluid bleeding out of tanks.

Floating Suctions compared with permanently fixed bleeding nozzles have the following advantages:

  • the product always is transferred in a defined distance under the liquid level
  • Contamination dirt/sediments/solid particles and heavy fluids remain on the tank bottom
  • therefore constant quality independent from liquid level

Emco Wheaton Floating Suctions offer:

  • ease of steering and long lifetime due to ball bearing of swivel joints
  • easy mounting due to internal swivel joint flanging
  • robustness against pressure conditions (pressure variations) in tank and tube
  • minimal vortex formation through optimised inlet with anti-vortex suction
  • pressure-proof floats


• internally fixed at unloading tube

• consisting of an elbow-tube-system with a suction opening which is held close to the liquid level by a float drawing

• various designs, depending on the tank dimensions and types

• sizes: DN 50 to DN 500

• Materials depending on the design and requirements: aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel

• Seals in accordance to the fluid: Buna N, Viton, PTFE

  • special designs are possible on request, e.g. for skimming of thin fluid films at the surface

Emco Wheaton Floating Suction for any container/tank:


  • The exact size is depending on the required suction speed. The flow velocity should not exceed 1 m/s.
  • Design and length(s) of floating suction will be determined by kind of tank and all relevant dimensions.
  • For optimising the design of the floating suction for an individual situation please fill in our “datasheet floating suctions”.
  • If there are no special instructions the floating suction will be designed that all parts can be installed through a manhole size DN 600. The floating suction will be delivered in parts.
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